Leading Transformation

Leading transformation requires strong and courageous
leadership at all levels throughout an organization.

Aligning Systems

The single most important function of governance teams
is to co-create the strategic direction of your organization.

Shaping Culture

Organizations improve, develop, innovate, and
create when their people do.

Building Accountability

Even the most robust plans become meaningless without
strong accountability structures.

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Organizations Don’t Plan to Fail

Organizations don’t plan to fail… to be mediocre. In fact, most organizations try to be the exact opposite – high performing, successful, and delivering extraordinary value to stakeholders. So why do some organizations, operating under the same conditions (economic,...

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Managing People

The late Steve Jobs provides a very insightful look into the culture of Apple. The lesson for organizations is to embed an ethos of collaboration, innovation, and creativity by allowing people to take risks, fail, and try again with new learnings. This takes courage,...

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